Interview with Circadium’s Executive Director Shana Kennedy

Photo credit Kyle Driggs


Some facts you need to know about Circadium School of Contemporary Circus in Philadelphia:

  1. Its happening! The professional circus arts programs will open its doors next fall (2017)to 15-20 lucky students.
  2. The time to apply as a prospective student is now. The deadline is November 30th.
  3. If you aren’t a prospective student and you care about circus, you can become a supporter of their Kickstarter campaign before it expires on October 3rd and help make the non-profit school more amazing.

Perhaps like me, you want to know other things, like will the school be accredited? How much is tuition? Who will the instructors be? Who should apply? What will the curriculum look like? Fortunately, Hupdate spoke to Shana Kennedy, executive director of Circadium, who is happy to answer all of the questions we have about this brand new circus school. Enjoy!

Enjoy the Circadium promo: